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Laminar Lip Honda ST1100

Laminar Lip Honda ST1100
Part Number: H2126

Price: $75.98

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The Laminar LIP is designed to give a more comfortable riding experience to sport and sport touring motorcycle riders. The LIP consists of an inverted airfoil attached to the top front edge of the windshield. Some oncoming air passes between the windshield and the airfoil then follows the airfoil shape into a more vertical direction. This airflow then interferes with the air coming at the rider. The effect is that the air blast is moved higher by 6 to 8 inches, or more; the pressure in this area will be greatly reduced. If, when you ride, you experience buffeting or your helmet gets blown side to side, the LIP may greatly reduce or eliminate these problems. This inverted wing placed on the windshield will also add down-force at the front of the bike to counter the natural tendency of a vehicle to rotate rearward around its roll center. The LIP is made of a modified clear or smoked acrylic to make it more impact resistant as well as scratch resistant.

In different applications the LIP may be attached to the windshield or fairing by use of:

1) existing windshield attachment screw locations,
2) by use of 3M(TM) Automotive tape,
3) by 3M Dual Lock(TM),
4) by a combination of two.

We have designed LIPs to fit most current popular sport tourers and many sport motorcycles. If you ride a sport or sport touring motorcycle and would like to have better wind protection or buffeting reduction perhaps the LIP is just the motorcycle accessory you need.

Available in either clear or smoke. Please select color when ordering.

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