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Corbin Beetle Bags set - Kawasaki ZZR1200
Product Code: 10202
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Corbin's slick Beetle Bags are designed to bolt up easily on your stock chassis and provide convenient locking storage that enhances the look of your bike. Notice how the lines and details of the stock fairing have been incorporated into the design of the bags for a totally integrated look. Beetle Bags are specially designed for each motorcycle so they fit the profile of the bike like pieces of a puzzle. This carries the weight of the contents closer to the centerline of the bike and maintains perfect balance on your ZZR. Another benefit of our design is a smaller overall width for less wind resistance or interference when lane splitting.
For loading, we've placed the doors on top of the bags and they open forward into the wind. This assures that contents will never spill out of your bags when you open them. The forward hinge motion helps the doors to self-close in the wind if you happen to forget them. Naturally they're fully weather stripped to keep the rain out if you get caught in a storm. Door openings give plenty of room to stash away a laptop along with your other essential gear... even your Corbin backrest when it's not in use. Just remember to load heavy items like disk locks carefully and closest to the centerline of the bike.
Beetle Bags come complete with all hardware required for immediate installation on your machine. Both bags are fully lined to protect your cargo and the doors feature adjustable locks for security. Saddlebags are constructed of our Fibertech material for durability and a perfect finish that will last for years. Combined with our Gunfighter & Lady saddle, the ZZR becomes an excellent touring machine! Corbin's bags even come to you pre-painted to coordinate with your stock paint.
These bags are ordered from the factory and may take 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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